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Interactive poeple Development makes things happen Interactive People Development - making things happen ...

The basis of business performance …

- Responding to change

- Motivating and developing your people

- Finding new markets and new products

... will depend on the qualities, capabilities and desires of your people.

 At IPD, we understand the challenges businesses are facing in the rapidly changing times we find ourselves in.

We take the time to discuss with you your specific business goals, needs and training requirements to develop training, development and/or coaching solutions to help you maximise your business potential.

What We Do


Enable your people and you enable profit ...

IPD create exciting, liberating and motivating learning for individuals, teams and organisations, enabling knowledge, skills and competencies leading to whole person development.

What’s good for your people is good for your organisation.

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Latest News

Funded flexible University qualifications

IPD have joined alliances to be able to offer this unique suite of qualifications though an English University.

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New on-line profiling tools launched

How capable are your people - and ultimately your business - to perform effectively...?

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Our Services


  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Bid management
  • Winning negotiations
  • Customer service
  • Performance coaching
  • Performance development
  • Continuous improvement strategies
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Profiling tools


"The Negotiation Skills course from IPD was one of the best prepared and delivered training events I have received.
IPD worked with us to define and deliver a course which  met our requirements and was worked around the industry and market we sold to.

"The training events themselves were very interactive and challenging to the individuals and they all thoroughly enjoyed them.

"Importantly they are using the language of the course back in the workplace , so we know  the point of the training has struck home."

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